Objective Four: Knowledge development, transfer and application


A set of technological learning and knowledge application strategies are established that facilitate the adoption and application of research results through on-going and effective collaboration with central and local government agencies, industries and companies, Maori and Pacific organisations, as well as specific end-user organisations. The objective contributes to the five KKQs. There is a combination of consultation seminars, hui and fono with case studies to facilitate stakeholder participation in the research process from the development of the knowledge base in Objective 1, to the design of research instruments in Objectives 2 and 3, and the transfer of knowledge and end-user applications.

Key Knowledge Questions

  1. Describing and monitoring variation in social outcomes.
  2. Understanding the multiple causes of variation in social outcomes.
  3. Monitoring key causal factors.
  4. Analysing what works to change variation in social outcomes: design, delivery and impact of policy.
  5. Anticipating the likely impact of future social, socio-demographic and technological trends on social outcomes.