Objective One: Effectively expanding the current knowledge base


The primary outcome of Objective 1 is a knowledge base on older people’s wellbeing that (a) provides the theoretical, methodological and empirical contexts for subsequent objectives; and (b) assists policymakers and agencies to better understand present and future regional and cultural diversity in an ageing society. The objective contributes to identifying knowledge gaps with respect to the five Key Knowledge Questions (KKQs). Meta-analytic techniques of research synthesis are applied in a comprehensive survey of the research literature, databases and best practice relating to the wellbeing of older people and positive ageing in an ageing society.


Key Knowledge Questions

  1. Describing and monitoring variation in social outcomes.
  2. Understanding the multiple causes of variation in social outcomes.
  3. Monitoring key causal factors.
  4. Analysing what works to change variation in social outcomes: design, delivery and impact of policy.
  5. Anticipating the likely impact of future social, socio-demographic and technological trends on social outcomes.